Foundational Growth Experience


WEEK 1: Introduction, Live Above the Line Ratings and Lifeline Creation

Participants will complete self-reflection exercises and rate their happiness across the three main areas of life – personal, professional and relationships. Participants will also complete a Lifeline Exercise that explores the significant life events that shaped their current perceptions, finishing with commitments that inspire a new way of living.

Outcomes: Participants will develop a clear perspective of where they are seeking growth and well-being, capture their triumphant and challenging life experiences, gain a clear understanding of their uniqueness and begin to practice creating change. Embracing our life story increases empathy for ourselves and others by acknowledging the possibilities behind everyone’s uniqueness.


WEEK 2: Lifeline Reflection

Participants will examine their personal Lifeline and identify the most challenging and triumphant moments they’ve experienced so far. They’ll do this by answering guided  self-reflection questions targeting emotions and resilience.

Outcomes: Participants will identify areas of strength and resilience based on life experience, reframing life challenges as growth and strength-building opportunities. Doing this exercise will change the way participants will view their current life and their personal mindset.  


WEEK 3: Identifying Gifts & Talents and Creating a Purpose Statement

Participants will explore their unique strengths and talents, crafting a life purpose statement that guides them towards living a live full of passion, focus and positive impact.

Outcomes: Participants will identify their unique gifts and talents and utilize them to develop a purpose statement that inspires a new focus in life. Clearly identifying a purpose empowers participants to become intentional about delivering positive personal, professional and relationship impact everyday. Simply put, participants will uncover their bigger WHY and  can begin to align their emotions, actions and decisions with their full potential.


WEEK 4: Practicing Mindfulness

Participants will identify ways to positively align their thoughts, energy and emotions with their life’s purpose within daily actions, while also practicing new ways to increase resilience during pressure points that typically knock them off their game.  

Outcomes: Participants will learn the value of aligning their thoughts and energy with their emotions. This increases emotional regulation, strengthens the ability to press pause and enables “positive resetting” within the environment. Resetting into a positive and proactive state allows participants to interact in ways that promote their purpose. This also helps participants avoid feeling consumed by short-term challenges.


WEEK 5: Practicing Gratitude

Participants will take mindfulness to a new level while exploring the importance and impact of gratitude by listing things for which they are currently grateful. They will learn practical tips about how to practice mindfulness and start each day with a refreshed positive mindset.  

Outcomes: Participants will learn the power of positive thinking. Changing their thinking patterns toward positivity will favorably impact their mood, energy, emotions and performance. Research strongly supports gratitude practices as an essential tool to manage stress, anxiety and depression. 

WEEK 6: Revealing your Internal Judge

Participants will learn about the power of internal judgment and how to uncover internal judgment statements that undermine their confidence and damage their self-esteem.  Participants will also complete a second Above and Below the Line rating assessment, comparing their current results with their results from Week One. Most participants  experience measurable growth and begin to see the rewards of their efforts in this week.  This reassessment also provides an opportunity for recommitment for those who are not diligently practicing the concepts they’re learning.  

Outcomes: Participants will learn to identify their internal judgments while gaining a better understanding of judgment in the world around them. By identifying negative  self-talk patterns, participants can change their responses to improve confidence, empowerment and mood. Improved mindsets support the participant in maximizing their positive and purposeful impact across all areas of life.    


WEEK 7: Power Statements

Participants will learn how to challenge and reframe their internal judgements by implementing power statements to counter each of the judgment statements they hear  most often.

Outcomes: Developing power statements to replace negative judgment reinforces the participant’s unique strengths, talents and positive attributes. Shifting a judgmental mindset to a positive mindset leads to increased positivity, successful management of challenges, elevated resilience, increased motivation and openness to growth.


WEEK 8: Becoming Fit Within

Participants will build on their foundational skills by exploring the impact of external expectations on individual purpose, happiness and well-being.  

Outcomes: Participants will learn to identify external expectations in their life and personal behaviors that are driven by these expectations. Valuing personal needs and hopes over external expectations supports living with purpose, positively impacting the individual’s  well-being across all areas of life – personal, professional and relationships.

WEEK 9: Bringing it Full Circle

Participants will take the Above or Below the Line assessment one final time, identifying successful changes in their life, exploring why the changes are meaningful and defining the next steps in their journey.  

Outcomes: Participants will reflect on all areas of their life and identify areas of growth and areas still needing improvement. Intentionally working to improve each area of life increases the likelihood of participants “letting go” of unproductive behavior, inspiring a continuous growth mindset.



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